More about Tracy
Name: Tracy Seekins

Birthdate: March 8, 1971

Education: Searsport District High School 
University of Metaphysical Sciences

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Past employment experience:
Office Manager - Mystic River Press - Mystic CT
Apartment Manager - Groton CT
Customer Service - MBNA America
Office Manager - A2Z Construction - Frankfort ME
RV Park Manager - Villager RV Park - Wildwood FL

Website Creation
Online MMO Gaming
Writing Poetry
Writing Short Stories
Rennasaince Fairs
Long Motorcycle rides with the Hubby

States Visited for at least an overnight stay:
Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma, Missouri, Indianna, Arkansas, 

Places she wants to visit:
Actually the dream is to spend at least one month in every state within the continental US. 

Bucket List:
Visit the Grand Canyon
Go to a Zoo (never been to one at all)
Visit the Redwood Forest
Visit Yellowstone National Park
Boondock in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico
Be on the Ellen Show